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Characteristics retinometry pre and post cataract surgery on senile cataract patients in Sanglah Hospital, Bali-Indonesia


Background: WHO, with program Vision 2020-the Right to Sight, has a responsibility to control the most cause of blindness, which is a cataract. General-purpose of this research is to identify the retinometry pre and post cataract surgery on senile cataract patients.

Method: This study design is an analytical cross sectional study. All data were collected retrospectively from the medical report of retinometry of pre and post cataract surgery in Sanglah General Hospital.

Results: A total number of 60 eyes from 59 patients were included in this study. The majority of the patients were male (63.3%), aged 61-70, and came from Denpasar District (38.3%). The grading of cataract (Burrato) in this study is Burrato III (60%). A nuclear cataract is common in this study (41.7%). There were relationships between the differences of retinometry post dan pre cataract surgery with the grading of cataract (Burrato) (p<0.05), but there is no relationship with the type of cataract (p>0.05).

Conclusions: There is a significant difference between retinometry pre and post cataract surgery, no significant difference between retinometry post-cataract surgery with BCVA and type of cataract. Higher grades of cataract (Burrato V) significantly correlate with higher retinometry pre and post-cataract surgery.


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