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Management of blowout fracture with iliac bone graft


Introduction: Blowout fracture is a traumatic deformity of the orbital wall and the repair is indicated when enophthalmos is troublesome to the patient, or when diplopia interferes patient’s activities. Iliac bone has been reported in the immediate and secondary repair of orbital wall deformities following blowout fracture. This case is to report blowout fracture management using iliac bone graft.

Case Illustration: A 35 years old man complains pain on his left eye when moving his eye and diplopia in upgazed since 4 months after fell down from stairs. Eye position is orthophoria, visual acuity 6/6 on both eye, anterior and posterior segments are normal, restricted movement to superior on left eye, Hertel exophthalmometry examination on right eye 15 mm and left eye 10 mm (base 90). On CT-scan examination, it was found that an orbital floor fracture was characterized by herniation of the orbital tissue. The patient was diagnosed with left eye enophthalmos, suspect inferior rectus muscle and adnexal entrapment and neglected blow out fracture. LE Repair Orbital Floor Fracture, Release Muscle Rectus Inferior, Exploration (join op with Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department) is done to this patient.

Conclusion: Iliac bone graft can be used as an alternative in orbital floor reconstruction, since it easy to harvest, low risk to rejected or extruded and can be used in large defect. Optimal outcome of blowout fracture repair can be achieved if the surgical management is done before two weeks after the incidence.


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