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Tatalaksana kasus trombosis vena dalam iliofemoral akut dengan sistem trombektomi aspirasi mekanik Indigo CAT8


Introduction: Acute deep vein thrombosis is a common cause of morbidity and mortality. Venous thrombosis commonly involves the lower extremities, including the iliac veins, femoral veins and vena cava. Optimal therapy of deep vein thrombosis, both ileofemoral and central can prevent complications.

Case Presentation: A 51 years old man complained of swelling of his right leg accompanied by acute pain. On duplex ultrasonography examination, there was a venous thrombosis in the iliofemoral area descending from the common iliac vein to the deep femoral vein. Endovascular venous mechanical thrombectomy was immediately performed because the symptoms were acute, and signs of swelling and pain intensity did not improve. An 8-F catheter was inserted into the patient's right distal superficial femoral vein under ultrasound guidance after administration of intravenous heparin. The CAT8 was inserted through the 8-F sheath and found the thrombus, then vacuum thrombectomy was performed. Swelling and pain disappeared a few hours after the procedure, and the patient was discharged 2 days later.

Conclusion: The Indigo CAT 8 mechanical aspiration thrombectomy system can be an effective treatment modality for patients with acute iliofemoral or central deep vein thrombosis.


Latar Belakang: Trombosis vena dalam akut adalah penyebab umum morbiditas dan mortalitas. Trombosis vena umumnya melibatkan ekstremitas bawah, termasuk vena iliaka, vena femoralis, dan vena cava. Terapi optimal trombosis vena dalam, baik ileofemoral maupun sentral dapat mencegah komplikasi.

Presentasi Kasus: Seorang laki-laki 51 tahun mengeluh kaki kanan bengkak disertai nyeri akut. Pada pemeriksaan ultrasonografi dupleks, terdapat trombosis vena di daerah iliofemoral turun dari vena iliaka komunis ke vena femoralis dalam. Trombektomi mekanik vena endovaskular segera dilakukan karena gejalanya akut, dan tanda pembengkakan serta intensitas nyeri tidak membaik. Kateter 8-F dimasukkan ke dalam vena femoralis superfisial distal kanan pasien di bawah panduan ultrasonografi setelah pemberian heparin intravena. Kateter CAT8 dimasukkan melalui selubung 8-F dan ditemukan trombus, kemudian dilakukan trombektomi vakum. Bengkak dan nyeri menghilang beberapa jam setelah prosedur, dan pasien dipulangkan 2 hari kemudian.

Simpulan: Sistem trombektomi aspirasi mekanik Indigo CAT 8 dapat menjadi modalitas pengobatan yang efektif untuk pasien dengan trombosis vena dalam sentral atau iliofemoral akut.


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