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Knowledge regarding cervical cancer and HPV vaccination in adolescent girls

  • Mikael Stevan Jodjana ,
  • I Gusti Ayu Trisna Windiani ,
  • I Gusti Agung Ngurah Sugitha Adnyana ,
  • Ni Luh Sukma Pratiwi ,
  • Soetjiningsih ,


Introduction: Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. The highest cancer incidence in women in Indonesia is cervical cancer, with a total of 17 cases per 100,000 female population. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the main cause of cervical cancer. Acceptance of this vaccine is related to the level of knowledge about the virus and the vaccine itself. Previous systematic studies revealed that most women do not have a sufficient level of knowledge about the relationship between HPV virus infection and cervical cancer. This study aims to know the level of knowledge about cervical cancer and HPV vaccination in an adolescent girl

Methods: This research was conducted with a cross-sectional design. This study uses primary data in the form of answers to questionnaires distributed to respondents, where the questionnaire has been tested for validity and reliability in previous studies. The subjects were girl students aged 14 to 18 years at the senior high school level in the city of Denpasar.

Results: Most of the research subjects (95,3%)  had fairly good-sufficient knowledge about cervical cancer, with a median value of 8 (4-10) of the assessment result. However, the majority of the research subjects (50,4%) had a low level of knowledge about HPV vaccination, with a median value of 11 (0-22) of the assessment result.

Conclusion: This study shows that the majority of students in senior high school have good knowledge about cervical cancer but a lack of knowledge about HPV vaccination.


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Jodjana, M. S., Windiani, I. G. A. T. ., Adnyana, I. G. A. N. S. ., Pratiwi, N. L. S. ., & Soetjiningsih. (2023). Knowledge regarding cervical cancer and HPV vaccination in adolescent girls. Intisari Sains Medis, 14(1), 421–424.




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