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Cerebral salt wasting syndrome: A case report


Introduction: The development of extracellular volume reduction due to decreased renal sodium transport in individuals with the intracranial illness and normal adrenal and thyroid function is known as a cerebral salt wasting syndrome (CSWS). Complications of cerebral salt-wasting syndrome include symptomatic hyponatremia and dehydration. We reported and discussed the diagnostic approach and the management of a 66-year-old woman who experienced severe hyponatremia with a history of head trauma and was treated at Udayana University Hospital.

Case Description: A 66-year-old female patient complained of decreased consciousness. According to family information, the patient complained of having decreased consciousness one hour before admission and was accompanied by vomiting one time. Two weeks before admission, the patient had fallen, and the back of the patient's head had hit the table. The patient also had time to experience stiffness in the right and left hands and stomping. Urine collected 24 hours as much as 3880 ml on the first day of treatment.

Conclusion: In cerebral salt wasting syndrome (CSWS) the management mainly focuses on the correction of intravascular volume depletion using 0.9% sodium chloride and hyponatremia, as well as on the replacement of ongoing urinary sodium loss, usually with iv hypertonic saline solutions, Fludrocortisone/mineralocorticoid that directly acts on the renal tubules to increase sodium reabsorption showed a favorable response in CSWS.


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