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Overview of fractures caused by The 2018 Lombok earthquake in Radiology Department of General Hospital of North Lombok Regency West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


Introduction: The Lombok earthquake that occurred in July-August 2018 has caused many casualties, both deaths and injuries. North Lombok regency is the district that suffered the most fatalities. Therefore, the data on the number of patients examined in the radiology department of the General Hospital of North Lombok Regency can provide an overview of the condition of injured victims in the district. This retrospective research aims to provide an overview of fracture patients of Lombok earthquake victims conducted in the radiology department.

Method: The data were collected from the medical records of Lombok earthquake victims who were examined in the Radiology department during August 2018.

Result: A total of 378 patients were examined. From the x-ray examination, 111 victims suffered fractures. Most of the victims were female and aged >15 to 65 years old. Most of them suffered single region fractures (75 victims) and multiple region fractures (36 victims). Meanwhile, the most fractures suffered by the victims were the lower limb fractures identified in 60 victims (54%) and the shoulder-upper limb fractures found in 32 victims (28.9%). The remaining 19 victims suffered fractures of ankle –foot, wrist-hand, head, ribs, spine and pelvis.

Conclusion: The 2018 Lombok earthquake has had a health impact and increased morbidity and mortality, a total of 111 victims experienced fractures in the earthquake.


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