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Diagnosing TB-HIV co-infection: a case report in resource-limited setting


Introduction: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and tuberculosis (TB) often occur together with each exacerbating the other. In order to eradicate TB, TB/HIV co-infection must be addressed especially in resource-limited setting as this is becoming challenging at such area.

Case presentation: This article reports a 22 years old female with shortness of breath, cough, fever, and swelling int the neck area. Physical examination showed tachypnoea, hypoxaemia, oral candidiasis, and chest retraction. Chest X-ray showed miliary TB, anti-HIV antibody tests turned out reactive. FNAB result for lump on the neck show cytomorphological features suggest suppurative chronic inflammation, suggesting TB lymphadenitis. The patient was treated with antibiotics and anti-tuberculosis category I medications along with symptomatic treatment such as antifungal, blood transfusion, mucolytic agent, proton pump inhibitor, and steroid. ARV was given 2 weeks after the adaptation of anti-Tuberculosis regiments side effects and showed clinical remission.

Conclusion: TB-HIV constitutes a serious diagnostic and therapeutic challenge. In particular, this phenomenon weighs heavily on developing countries with strained health care budgets. In resource-limited settings, screening modalities focus more on clinical assessment rather than supporting diagnostics.


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