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A case report: post-partum symphysiolysis, a rare complication of labour


Background: Pubic symphyseal widening spontaneous vaginal delivery is normal. The stretch that occurs after delivery is less than 10mm. However, separation of symphysis of more than 10 mm is rare and can cause injury to the pubic bone and pelvic floor muscles. The prevalence of pubic symphysis injury is 1 in 300 to 1 in 30,000 live births. Thus, in this study we report a post-partum symphysiolysis as a compilation of labour.

Case Description: A 34-year-old woman G5P4004 40th weeks gestational, came to Lewoleba Hospital, Lembata was referred with complaints of lacerations and pain in the upper pelvis after vaginal delivery of a male baby with a birth weight of 4,000 grams at the Public Health Service. On physical examination, there was a rupture of the vulva-vaginal wall anterior to the pubis with active bleeding. There is limited ROM in both lower extremities. Then an operative procedure was carried out in the form of repair of the ruptured vulva-vaginal wall to stop the bleeding and repair the anatomical structure of the external genitalia. After the operative procedure, a pelvic radiological examination was performed, which revealed a stretch in the right and left superior ramus pubis ostium with a size of 5.5 cm. The patient underwent conservative measures by placing a splint on the pelvis for one month. After six months, a follow-up was performed, the stretch became 3.5 cm and the patient's complaints were no longer felt.

Conclusion: Symphysiolysis is a very rare obstetric complication. Complaints of pain in the pelvis that arise after childbirth, accompanied by a decrease in the ability to mobilize the lower extremities, can indicate symphysiolysis. A pelvic radiological examination confirms the diagnosis. Conservative management is the main choice in the treatment of symphysiolysis


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